waterImage1About the Water Quality:

Puget Sound water quality concerns include the impacts of toxic substances, nutrients, and pathogens on fresh water and marine resources. Also, regulations and programs that deal with ‘storm-water‘ and ‘waste-water‘.

A little about the past

For the past hundred years, most people have introduced a wide collection of chemicals into the ‘Puget Sound environment‘. Many of these chemicals are very poisonous and cause health problems for people, plants, and animals as well.

The more persistent chemicals have settled into the mud and sediments on the bottom of the sound. Scientists have also found evidence of toxic chemicals such as ‘PCB’s‘ in the tissues of the living organisms. PCB’s pass though the food web from tiny zoo-plankton through Chinook salmon to seals and orcas.

Rain is a part of life in the Pacific Northwest

Storm-water runoff is rain (or snow-melt) that flows off developed land, such as roads, parking areas, rooftops, and lawns, into nearby streams, rivers, and Puget Sound. Runoff enters these water-bodies either tiredly or through drainage systems.

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