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Quite a bit ago, this website was previously an interesting page about Puget Sound Partnership, which is a community effort of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists, and businesses, all working together to restore, as well as helping you learn how to protect water quality, in Puget Sound.


Below you will find out what all of this means…
Along with some fascinating links that will help you get a better understanding of Puget Sound Partnership.

What is Puget Sound?

Puget Sound‘ was a vast and beautiful estuary – one of the largest in the United States. It is also a complex living ecosystem. On the surface, Puget Sound looks terrific, yet underneath there are alarming signals that the ecosystem is in trouble.

It was a must that they took action to prevent the irreversible decline of salmon, orcas, and the landscapes that support people and wildlife. Despite it’s size, Puget Sound is ecologically delicate, and while it’s symptoms of trouble are not easily visible, they are undeniable and getting worse.

What was their goal?

Their goal was to make Puget Sound healthy again, and create a road-map for how to get it done. And if they worked together, they can have both a thriving Puget Sound economy and a clean and healthy Puget Sound ecosystem.